Seravald is the largest country out of the two that exist in Olaris. The country itself takes over two weeks to cross when traveling on foot. The majority of the climate within the country is mild, made up of forest and mountainous terrain. Towards the north, upon getting closer to Atera, the climate becomes colder and requires heavier clothing and insulated lodging for travelers and citizens to survive.

There are only a few large cities in Seravald, the majority of civilizations are made up small towns or villages. The cities that do exist and are widely known about are: Nimae, Escellia, Black Wall, and the capital city of Sonsra.


Escellia is a small-medium sized city set in the northwestern area of Seravald. The city itself sits on the base and the side of the first mountain along the Ivers Range. The city is built on the three tier system. Outside of the walls lays the crops and the farms that fuel the city. Within the first wall live the lower and the middle classes. This is also where the majority of the shops and events that happen in the city are located. Travelers aren't allowed past this tier without permission, neither are most of the citizens who live in this first tier. The second tier is home to the most influential and wealthy of Escellia's citizens. It also houses the politicians and those who own the high class businesses in the tier. The third tier is within the carved halls of the mountain itself and only houses the Temple of Ioun and those who work in and care for it. There is said to be a portion of the city that exists underground, but very few have ever admitted to seeing such a place, and they don't last long after bragging about it.

There is legally only one leader of the city and that is the Viscount. However the Viscount has made a deal with two other leaders within the city to form a triumvirate to run the city smoothly… and to keep his hands clean. The first tier and the leader of the underground is a man who goes by the alias the Rogue King. To those who work for him and those who know him he's also called Damien Sterek. The other third of the city is controlled by the High Priest of the Temple of Ioun, Sebestian Ortho, who's work stays mostly within the religious aspects of the city.


Sonsra is a massive city and is the current capital city of Seravald. The city itself is home to multiple cultures, races, religions, and factions. It is also the main hub on the continent for organizations that run businesses all over the known map: The Thief's Guild, Evas Network, and the Nairvald Clave to name a few.

The city is connected to the only other country on the continent of Olaris, Waterton. The only separation of the two cities comes in the form of a river that runs right along the border. The river can be crossed via the many bridges that reach from one city to the other, but guards at either end keep a careful record of those who enter and leave both Sonsra and Waterton.

The first thing that most people think of when the city is brought up in conversation is the tragic story of disappearances of the Princes of Sonsra. A little over thirty years ago Emperor Cellion and Empress Nemia Vertidan were blessed with two twin boys that they named Dorian and Damien. When the boys were about eleven years old their Uncle, who was next in line for the throne after them, kidnapped them and sold them into slavery. His treachery was quickly discovered, but not quickly enough that the boys were able to be found and brought back home. The fates of both boys is not known by the majority of the population, but each year on their birthday the Emperor and Empress of Seravald hold a Festival of Hope in their honor, the hope being that one day they would return.


Nimae is the southern most city in Seravald. It is also known for being the country's City of Education. Here there are actual colleges for Bard, universities for wizards, training centers for sorcerers, and even parochial schools for paladins and clerics. There are few places where barbarians and druids can obtain apprenticeships, but they are quite hard to find. The city is known for being very technologically advanced compared to all other cities, even Sonsra. While Sonsra has added some new technologies around the city, these technologies were often first created and seen in Nimae.

The city of Nimae is run by the Council, a group of leaders from the many education centers within the city who's single job is to protect citizens' educational rights. They do handle other legal matters, but their primary concern is their schools and their students.

Black Wall

This city is a bit of an enigma and as such will remain a mystery until the party has discovered more about it in game, or traveled there.


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