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The most important thing to remember about the world of Everrion is that it is also called The Ever Fall by most historians and religious leaders. This moniker comes from the history of the world and the near continuous upheaval of the religious systems throughout the world. The second most important thing to remember about Everrion is that no one has yet to travel all the way around the world. Many have thought that had, only to discover that they had simply ended their journey early by accident. The known continents of Everrion are Olaris, Ihoth, Kriosacai, Atera, Xinh, and a long island called The Spine that not one continent has been able to claim ownership of. Also within the known world reside three main bodies of water: the Iry Sea, The Demat Ocean, and the Foehn Ocean.

Olaris is the smallest of the continents with two countries held within its borders. The largest country is named Seravald and holds the majority of Olaris's cities and resources. The second is the country of Waterton; which is a city that at one point was owned by the country of Seravald. Waterton sits right next to Seravald's capital city, Sonsra, with only a river dividing the two cities. Waterton is the largest port city on Olaris, and thus brings in the most trade and resources to the continent. It is only because the two cities have worked hard at maintaining an alliance that half the continent hasn't torn itself apart.

Across the Foehn Ocean is Ihoth, one of the largest of the continents as well as one of the most diverse. Despite being known for its diversity the continent itself has been split into regions designated by the ruling races of the area: The Fauth Lands, the Fells, and the Aduial Edhellen. The Fauth Lands are to the south of the continent and ruled over by many Orc and Tiefling nobility. The Fells to the east are predominantly controlled by human cities, and the Aduial Edhellen to the west is know for being the land of the Elves.

Directly south of Olaris and southwest of Ihoth lies the continent of Kriosacai. This giant landmass is know for three things. The first is its arid desert terrain. The second is the massive series of rivers and lakes that lead into the land from the junction between the Foehn Ocean and the Nyrick Channel. This waterlogged region is called the Daedalus Abyss, named after a fabled king from long ago who ordered the creation of the rivers in an attempt to prevent immigration from Ihoth during the dawn of the continent's discovery of one another. The third is its long history of civil war between two of the largest kingdoms on the land.

Looming above Olaris, The Spine, and also directly attached to Ihoth is the continent of Atera. The vast majority of the world is cut off from Atera unless by water or air travel. There is the possibility of traveling over land from Ihoth, but you would have to risk crossing over or circling around the massive mountain range that blocks off most of the border. It is said that Atera is the most wild of the continents, and that is not an excessive statement. Atera is bitterly cold with monsters both known and unknown filling the dark corners that humanoids dare not enter, and this is on a good day. The snowstorms that race over the land have been known to bury entire cities, and dragons have attacked the large and ancient cities in the past, trying to steal away the treasure that is is believed to be buried in their walls.

The Spine sits directly in between the Iry Sea and the Demat Ocean, hovering a little ways off the western coast of Olaris. Not much is known about The Spine, other then its thought to be a place of degenerates and criminals who have escaped from capture or hidden themselves away with their stolen riches. Nations of Ihoth and Olaris have tried to take control of The Spine for centuries upon centuries, but all attempts have failed.

The southern most continent is Xinh and widely the most unknown and mysterious. Not many people have traveled to Xinh and returned. There are a few people who have traveled to the land and sent back cartography studies back to their homelands, but then they were never heard from again.

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