Zell Brightsword

Seamstress/Descendant of Vulred Brightsword the Champion of Torm


A young woman of barely 20 years old who lives alone in a small village called Lightend. As a young child she was raised on the stories of her Great xnth Grandfather, Vulred Brightsword. Being the descendant of a Champion of the Realm was relatively easy and not life-altering at all. Her family lived by modest means, her mother a seamstress and her father a farmer despite their Lord and Lady status.

As a small child Zell was born with a heart condition that made it nearly impossible for her to survive past childhood. Her companion, guardian, and protector, a Couatl called Zeraph kept her alive for as long as he could, giving his own life energy to keep her breathing. Her parents, in a last ditch attempt at saving their child, stole a heartstone from a Night Hag. The heartstone healed Zell, but the family had to hide themselves very carefully, moving often in order to keep away from the Hag who sought her heartstone back.

For years they managed to evade her, but during an attack by Orcs in the middle of the night Zell’s parents died. Zeraph was able to get Zell away, but not before the Night Hag appeared and placed a curse on the young woman. She also stole back the heartstone from Zell’s parents.

Zeraph returned to the last remaining bit of the ruined and ancient Brightsword Castle and quickly – with her permission – used his own divine magic to place her under a sleeping stasis spell in the hopes that it would keep her alive long enough for the Night Hag to be killed and the heartstone to be returned to remove the curse that was slowly undoing all the healing on Zell’s heart that had been done before.

Luckily enough, a adventuring crew came along and discovered their plight. They agreed to aid Zeraph and save Zell. They even managed to succeed! Zell was brought back to health and consciousness, and returned to her life as a seamstress in her birth-town of Lightend.

Zell Brightsword

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