Viscount Fenral Norcell

Viscount of Escellia


Fenral has been the Viscount of Escellia for many decades, despite being human and only seeming to be in his fifties. He’s a powerfully built man, which is due to his background as a warrior and consistent training to keep himself in shape even to this day. He lives on the Second Tier of Escellia, as most upper class citizens do.

The Viscount received his title after saving Escellia from an rival city that had long ago lived nearby. He had lead a small group of warriors into the rival city and took out their Lord and his remaining guards. Thus, he freed Escellia from the month long siege that the rival city had put them under.

Worried that they would end up causing trouble within the city, or bring trouble to it, Fenral has asked the Party to become the official “adventurers” for the city of Escellia. This means that the Viscount can ask them to take on missions for him and the city should the need arise. The Party is also required to inform the Viscount or – at the very least – the Guard of the city of any potential dangers or threats that could arise from the Party’s adventures, or from information that they have gathered while adventuring. In return the Viscount has given the Party full access to the city, including: free passage throughout the Second Tier and legal documentation/records that the city has within its archives. The Party is also getting customized armor made, paid for by the Viscount himself.

Viscount Fenral Norcell

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