Rollund Burnside [AWOL]

Human Fighter, Guild Artisan



Rolland was twenty when he decided that there was only one other thing he loved more than keeping people safe from monsters and that was his girlfriend Krisatra. He realized the next logical step to take was to propose and get married (which they did). Rolland was twenty-five when he and his wife both decided to leave Ozgregar (located in the Fauth Lands, Ihoth) and become traveling monster trappers/hunters since their homelands were deemed safe due to others that took up the same profession. So they decided that they could use the change of scenery. Another five years flew by, now age thirty, Rolland had lost his wife in a tragic accident thanks to a Vampire. Word quickly spread that one half of the renowned monster team was tragically killed. From all over people sent notes, gifts as well as money to show their sorrow and give thanks for all that they had done, but that didn’t matter to Rollund. None of it would bring her back. Ever since her death Rolland took on many activities to try to take his mind off his lost love, but no matter the activity the only thing that made the guilty voice in his head was hunting monsters and keeping people safe.

Rollund Burnside [AWOL]

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