Amalia Thornwood [RIP]

Fey Touched Druid


Third born in a matriarchal fey-centric kingdom, Amalia is second in line to the throne of Tel’eregnon. While her eldest sister, Eladria, was trained to take over the reign of their mother, and her older brother Alaris was trained to take over the city’s guard, following their father’s footsteps, known as the Fog Warriors, Amalia was trained by their Uncle to take over as the General for all of the militia within the city. While her training progressed quite far, Amalia had to stop short when she noticed something odd happening in the forests surrounding her home. Plant life was dying in large patches. Animals were going rabid for seemingly no reason. So Amalia gave herself the mission of discovering what was causing this threat to her home and stopping it, no matter the cost.

People Who Know This Character’s Entire Backstory: Pretty much everyone.
People Who Know This Character’s Partial Backstory: All.

Amalia Thornwood [RIP]

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